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Modern Israeli settlement in the Gaza Strip resumed only after the Six-Day War, but even with those settlements set to be evacuated, Jewish roots in the sandy strip of land where Egypt, Israel and the Mediterranean Sea meet run deep. Opinions differ on whether the area was or was not included in the Land of Israel conquered by the ancient Israelites in the Bible. Samson is the only biblical Israelite noted for having set foot there. In the 17th century the false messiah Shabbatai Zevi gave the area a bad name when he launched his movement from its shores.
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Some biblical texts suggest that God gives the land with no conditions or For some, it is clear therefore that modern Israel and biblical Israel are two distinct. The Land of Israel is the traditional Jewish name for an area of indefinite geographical extension in the Southern Levant. Related biblical, religious and historical English terms include the Land of It holds that the area is a God-given inheritance of the Jewish people based on the Torah, particularly the books of Genesis.
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Many world leaders have plans for the formation of a Palestinian state in the Holy Land. Unbeknownst to most, the future state of Palestine and its terror-controlled neighborhoods has already been declared in Scripture. President Obama does not make it clear whether he intends to back U. So, we see that the Lord has plans to uproot and destroy any nation that seizes the land He gave to the Jews as an inheritance.

'When the service stops, Spirit assistants us': U.S. cuts give support to in the direction of Gaza's 1.3 million refugees

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Ethnic cleansing has been going on for a long time in Palestine. It has been a slow process , but is increasingly effective. According to Uri Avnery what is happening in Gaza is Worse than a crime. The breaking of the Rafah wall was an act of liberation. It proves that an inhuman policy is always a stupid policy:
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