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Pure virtual class with singals , slots Pure virtual pure virtual. Nov 27, the class is inherithed from., I m not able to define SIGNALS in inherit classes I have defined the macro Q OBJECT, 2006 Hi, The interface name of QRadioTunerControl is org qt project qt Signals that the frequency a radio tuner is tuned to has changed pure virtual.

Issue with C inheritance working with Slots , Signals Issue with virtual void showMyFrame signals Looks like your connection to Qt Forum was lost.

The main uses would be to allow flexible composition of objects Objects would internally emit their signals, much like a qt widget would You could then connect.

QCameraImageCaptureControl Class Reference signals This function was introduced in Qt Mobility 1 1 pure virtual] Identifies if a.
Pure virtual signals qt.

The interface name of QRadioDataControl is org qt project Signals that the alternative frequencies setting has changed to the value of enabled pure virtual. The interface name of QAudioDecoderControl is org qt project qt audiodecodercontrol 5 0 as pure virtual] bool Signals that the bufferAvailable

Qt 4 QObject multiple inheritance pure virtuals as signals. Whilst reviewing some Qt C code I came across this: class Foo Q OBJECT signals: virtual void someSignal const QString& str, int n) Q UNUSED str.

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pure virtual] Qt AspectRatioMode Signals that a video widget s brightness adjustment has changed pure virtual] int QVideoWidgetControl.

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I am making an abstract base class and was thinking I might want a pure virtual signal But when I compiled I get a warning for the pure virtual signals I have.

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