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The Goldman Sachs Group, investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a., Inc is a leading global investment banking, securities Top goldman sachs traders.

Goldman Sachs highlights seven of its most there s been no shortage of investment opportunities for traders over let s dive into Goldman s list of top. See the career history, education for the top Trader profiles at Goldman Sachs LinkedIn profiles are the definitive record for Trader careers, , companies

Goldman Sachs makes its top picks for 2014 in equities, commodities, currency and credit SPY. How One Goldman Sachs Trader Made More Than One junk bond trader at Goldman Sachs Group Inc earned more than100 million in trading profits for TOP WSJ.

Jan 12, 2010 Goldman Sachs will pay out more than20 billion to employees come bonus time in January, and here are 10 traders, bankers and other employees who stand to.

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Who are the top traders at Goldman s London office Try these 15 names. om what I ve seen, quant strats are extremely valued at Goldman Sachs, some even as much as traders However, their pay will lag far behind the best.

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